Not Based in California,
but Doing Business Here?

Membership in the CELC can be especially beneficial for companies doing business in California who are not headquartered or based here — we are an efficient and cost-effective way to gain the knowledge your company needs on California employment law.

Who We Are

The California Employment Law Council (CELC) is a non-profit organization that works to promote a better legal climate for California employers.

Our members include many of California’s largest and most significant employers. Senior-level in-house counsel and human resources professionals from these companies participate in and guide CELC activities. A select number of leading law firms in the area of management-employment law have also been invited to participate as associate members.

Our organization is singularly focused on employment law — we are not a trade group for whom employment law is merely one issue among many. The multi-disciplinary character of our membership greatly enriches the formal and informal learning among members — and offers a broad scope for members to benchmark and learn best practices.

Our Philosophy and Approach

Our approach to employment law is moderate, and reflects the core values of our member companies. While we seek to eliminate unnecessary restrictions in employment law, we also endeavor to preserve a commitment to the fair and equitable treatment of employees. By striving to balance the needs of employers and employees, we foster an approach that we believe results in less litigation.